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Meet your Early Career Researcher Representatives

  • Mar 22 / 2019
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Meet your Early Career Researcher Representatives

Say hello to your ECR reps, who are members of the IHW ECR Forum and are able to feedback your suggestions and concerns to the institute.

General Practice and Primary Care (GPPC)

David Blane

I was awarded my PhD last year.  I am currently working on different research projects, as well as doing clinical work (as a GP) and teaching at the medical school.

I have been working at IHW since 2011 and have become more familiar with the particular challenges facing early career researchers during this time.  I was chair of the Athena Swan “ECR support and development” working group between 2014 and 2015 and have been one of the ECR reps for GPPC since that time.

My PhD explored the role of primary care in adult weight management, using realist synthesis and a mixed methods case study.  I have been involved in the “Deep End GP” group since 2010 and am interested in research related to the social determinants of health, inequalities in health and health care access, health behaviour change and improving support for people with multiple long-term conditions (multimorbidity).

Kirsty Duncan

I’m in my second year of a 2 year clinical research fellowship. In that time I’ve completed a MSc Primary Care. 

As I was just starting out my research career, joining the ECRF committee was an opportunity to get to know other ECRs, better understand the processes involved in early career research and was a supportive forum to raise any concerns and ask questions.

My interests include migrant health, social determinants of health, Deep End GP and gender based violence. My MSc thesis focussed on the role of digital health interventions in supporting migrants navigate sexual and reproductive health services. I am also involved with Deprivation Interest Group for GPs in Glasgow and attend Deep End GP meetings.

Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA)

Camilla Somers

I am a research assistant in the Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment unit

I became a rep because I felt it was important to play an active role in the ECR community within IHW.

I currently research using mixed-method approaches to the economic evaluation of population health. My priority as an ECR rep is to ensure that any ECR within my unit knows that if they have any issues they wish to raise, the ECRF is here to help them.

Rafael Venson

I recently (2018) finished my PhD, and now I am a research assistant (grade 6) at HEHTA.

I think it is always important to be around people in similar career stage as you are, with similar level of experience, and facing similar challenges. By doing that, we all can exchange information and experiences. We all, as a team, can then try to solve issues related to ECR.

I work with health economics and health technology assessment. As a trainee, I’m still experiencing different areas within my field to find my favourite research subject.

MRC/ CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit

Christina Buckton

I am an early career researcher in the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit working in the Policy Programme.

I volunteered to join the ECR Forum in order to help identify and find solutions to the challenges faced by early career researchers in academia. I see the Forum as an excellent way to meet other ECRs from across the Institute, share experiences and learn from each other.

I am interested in the analysis of the debate on effective health policies designed to reduce the development of non-communicable diseases arising from lifestyle factors such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco consumption. 

Lauren White

I am a research assistant, so early career.

I became a rep as I would like to be able to provide an avenue for early career researchers’ views to be heard in these challenging times.  I also wanted to join the ECRF in general to meet our ECRs across the Institute. 

My research interests is examining commercial determinants of health and their impact on public health and public health policy.  I am particularly focused on how these relate to children’s health. 

Eric Silverman

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Jack Melson

I am a Research Associate in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group. This is postdoc number two for me, having previously worked as a Research Fellow at another university.

I became an ECR rep for a few reason. The forum is a good way of engaging with ECRs across the Institute, irrespective of research area, interests  or campus location. It also provides a valuable opportunity to share and discuss ECR views and concerns and works well as platform for communicating these to the Institute.

I have lots of research interests, but I spend most of my time on the aetiology, prevention and management of self-harm and suicidal behaviour. I’m also interested in the development and implementation of complex interventions to improve population health and wellbeing.

Laura Ward

Currently on maternity leave

Satu Baylan

I’m a grade 7 and approx. 5 years post-PhD

I joined the ECR forum because it’s a good way to get to know other ECRs across the institute and because I think I can make a difference to matters affecting ECRs.

My research area is neuropsychological rehabilitation and I have a particular interest in the use of music in neurological conditions.

My priority as ECR rep: I’m always interested in developing further training opportunities for ECRs.

Marie Kotzur

Public Health

Jana Anderson

Richard Shaw

Robertson Centre for Biostatistics

Nitish Ramparsad

Kirsty Wetherall

Social Scientists in Health

No reps currently – please contact a rep in HEHTA or Public Health.