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  • May 21 / 2014
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Past contributors

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Agbakoba, Ruth

Albanese, Alessio

Blane, David

Gatting, Lauren

Isaacs, Anna

Jamieson, Matt

Kavalidou, Katerina

Kirtley, Olivia

Kotzur, Marie

O’Connor, Siobhán

Zortea, Tiago

Original contributors

Ruth Agbakoba


Ruth is a multidisciplinary PhD research student at the University of Glasgow working between computing science, social science and medicine. Ruth has a strong background in health informatics, digital health and eHealth. Her doctoral work explores the factors affecting large-scale implementation of innovative eHealth interventions designed to improve health and wellbeing. In particular Ruth is interested in translational research (translating research findings into practice) and eHealth policy to foster person-centred care. Ruth is due to submit her thesis shortly and is looking forward to advancing her academic career. Ruth is currently a Visiting Scholar to the eHealth Lab at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Outside of her research endeavours she enjoys supporting Arsenal FC, swimming, watching tennis, keeping up with world current affairs and international cooking especially Nigerian cuisine!

Twitter: @RuthAgbakoba

David Blane


David is a GP in Glasgow and is in the third year of his PhD based at General Practice and Primary Care (GPPC). His research focuses on the role of primary care in the management of obesity.  This has involved a realist synthesis of primary care weight management interventions and a mixed methods case study of GP referrals to weight management.  He is also involved with the ‘GPs at the Deep End’ project and teaches on the Global Health BSc.  He is frantically trying to write up as much of his thesis as possible before the arrival of his second child in November 2016 in case he/she is anything like number 1… his daughter Hannah doesn’t much care for sleep!

Twitter: @dnblane

Anna Isaacs

Anna is a third year PhD student in General Practice and Primary Care (GPPC).  Her research combines approaches from medical anthropology and primary care to explore the health and wellbeing related experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow. In particular she is interested in what being ‘healthy’ means to refugees and asylum seekers and how various social and structural factors influence this. Outside of her PhD Anna spends most of her time thinking about what to cook for dinner. She also enjoys hiking, reading, baking, listening to podcasts and the occasional reality TV show.

Twitter: @anna_isaacs

Matt Jamieson


Matt is an early career trans-disciplinary researcher working to develop assistive technologies to aid neuropsychological rehabilitation. He works within the institute of health and wellbeing and is also an affiliate researcher in the department of computing science. He works with people with cognitive impairments in collaborative projects with the NHS, and brain injury charities Headway and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. These projects aim to understand how existing technology can be and is utilised and how future technologies should be designed to positively impact the lives of people with cognitive difficulties following acquired brain injury and dementia. Matt prefers less technologically challenging hobbies outside work such as playing acoustic folk music and climbing mountains. Matt cultivates an appropriate amount of facial hair to carry out these interests.

Olivia Kirtley


Olivia Kirtley is a postdoctoral research psychologist in the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory at the University of Glasgow. Olivia’s research looks at physical pain sensitivity in people who self-harm and how this relates to sensitivity to emotional pain. Her work also explores some of the factors that may be involved in someone moving from thinking about self-harm to acting upon those thoughts. Currently she is working on a project looking at the relationship between childhood adversity and suicidal behaviour in adulthood. When she isn’t interviewing patients or testing in the lab, Olivia enjoys very slow running, photography, and culinary exploration (eating all the things).  Sometimes the food even lasts long enough to have its picture taken.

Twitter: @LivveyKirtley

Marie Kotzur


Marie is a research assistant in the Department of General Practice and Primary Care. She is close to completing her PhD at University College Cork in Ireland, where she studied the characteristics of women who participate in the National Cervical Screening Programme. During her first year as a research psychologist in Glasgow, Marie has been interviewing women about their views of bowel screening and their participation in cancer screening programmes. She is interested in how health beliefs can lead to behaviour change. Most days she welcomes any excuse to spend time outside, frequently used are climbing mountains, growing things in the garden and landscape photography.

Siobhán O’Connor


Siobhán is a final year PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, based in General Practice and Primary Care (GPPC). As she has a multidisciplinary background in both nursing and information technology her research focuses on how digital health (eHealth) can be implemented and utilised in community settings. Her doctroal work is exploring the factors that affect patient and public engagement and recruitment to all types of digital health. Siobhán is also a lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester. In her spare time she likes to get out hiking (or munro bagging as they call it in Scotland) to explore the highlands and she hits the snowy slopes (figuratively speaking for the most part!) in the winter.


Tiago Zortea


Tiago is a clinical psychologist, behaviour analyst, and second year PhD student in the Department of Mental Health and Wellbeing. He is looking at influences of attachment patterns and parenting styles on the development of vulnerability for suicidal behaviour. Broadly, his research interests lie in understanding suicidality from a developmental perspective. When he is not studying, Tiago enjoys Jazz music (including Gipsy Jazz and Bossa Nova), and reading philosophy. He is very into photography and graphic design, arts, chatting with friends, travelling, and exploring the mysterious lands of Caledonia.

Twitter: @zortea_tiago