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  • Jun 22 / 2020
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Lauren Gatting, PhD Experience

Covid series: A grey comic-strip. By Lauren Gatting

This piece is part of a series collecting the experiences of researchers during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The artist of the following piece is prone to hypersomnia and, with this comicstrip, hopes to portray the feelings of overwhelm, repetition, entrapment, isolation, futility, and dysphoria that comes with this. Many people experience sleep problems in times of stress and uncertainty, and the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a lot of both.

you can contact the artist @lauren.podge.art

  • Mar 13 / 2019
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Current Research, Lauren Gatting

Promoting some of our ECR’s work

On Tuesday 26th February, Seven Early Career researchers working within UoG’s Institute of Health and Wellbeing presented their work, during the institute’s annual research away day. Following the format of the three minute thesis competitions held in universities worldwide, each presentation had to be under 3 minutes long and use only one power point slide (no animations allowed). During the away day, the presentations were judged by a panel for winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All the presentations were excellent.

I drew up a brief summary of each person’s work, while they were presenting, which I now present to you:

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  • Mar 11 / 2019
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Academia, Lauren Gatting

Demystifying research impact

During the IHW away-day ’19, Rose-Marie Barbeau presented on research impact, with the aim to clear up any enduring myths and misconceptions. Rose-Marie is the Research Impact Manager at the University of Glasgow. The following are key messages I took from Rose-Marie’s presentation:

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