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Demystifying research impact

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Demystifying research impact

During the IHW away-day ’19, Rose-Marie Barbeau presented on research impact, with the aim to clear up any enduring myths and misconceptions. Rose-Marie is the Research Impact Manager at the University of Glasgow. The following are key messages I took from Rose-Marie’s presentation:

The Research Council’s definition of impact is suitably broad:

Quoting Rose-Marie: Impact is a change in the public realm, from the individual to the collective level, resulting from your research.  The change can be as nuanced as a change in understanding to something as concrete as a change in policy or professional practice

There are many benefits from pursuing and ensuring impact in your research.

Researchers often confuse ‘impact’ with ‘pathways to impact’.

It is becoming increasingly important for early career researchers to understand, be able to articulate and plan for impact.

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