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Health, Wellbeing and the 2016 Scottish election

  • May 05 / 2016
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Health, Wellbeing and the 2016 Scottish election


In the days running up to the Scottish elections IHAWKES has been asking the question: what are the most critical policy issues for health and wellbeing?

Here is a selection of the tweets we received in response:

Andrea E Williamson‏@aewilliamsonl

@IHAWKES1 Single disease models OUT! The role that mental health has in engagement in care -INEXTRICABLY linked to multi-morbidity.

8:07 AM – 4 May 2016


Sara Macdonald‏@SaraMacdonald13

@IHAWKES1 has to be inequalities!

7:40 AM – 4 May 2016


 RCGP Scotland‏@RCGPScotland

@IHAWKES1 Securing appropriate resources (funding and workforce) is the first step to allow everything else:


Clare Gerada‏@clarercgp

@IHAWKES1 probably funding and pressures on GPs

5:42 AM – 4 May 2016


Graham Scambler‏@GrahamScambler

@IHAWKES1 (1) reduce income inequality, (2) expand public housing, and (3) maintain universal, single-tier NHS free at the point of need.

2:41 AM – 4 May 2016


Katie Robb‏@Katie_Robb_Glas

@IHAWKES1 Good question! Obesity and an aging population are my first thoughts


Liam Delaney‏@LiamDelaneyEcon

@ihawkes1 Scottish life expectancy gap and how to promote healthier lifestyles. Mental health parity and MH research in general.

4:43 AM – 3 May 2016


Frances Mair‏@FrancesMair

Frances Mair Retweeted IHAWKES

I think the combination – #multimorbidity especially mental health issues in the context of other #chronicillness


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